Wild Meditations

Meditation retreats in nature

We will guide your into some of the most pristine wilderness in Australia where you will learn meditation methods that will:

  • Deepen you connection with the true nature of your essential being
  • Open you to greater mindfulness of the world around you
  • Develop your intuitive abilities
  • Experience oneness with nature
  • Fully realise the power of now

Get video taste of what Wild Meditations is all about

WILD MEDITATIONS – Beginnings and Endings with Gratitude

A weekend of meditation, fun and connection in the wilderness.

Exploring the healing gifts of wilderness, community and meditation.

True Nature Meditation

True Nature Meditation

This weekend meditation retreat will include:

  • Nature based Meditations
  • Group Meditations
  • Solo meditation time in Nature
  • Sunrise and sunset ceremony
  • Mindfulness in day to day life (Sitting, walking, eating and in dialogue)
  • A chance to explore the wilderness within the safety of a group and an experienced Wilderness Therapist
  • Learn (remember) Nature Connection Routines of Sit Spot, Inner Compass Wandering, Sense Revival.  
  • Camping together under a blanket of stars on the banks of a remote and gorgeous river cradled by    the sandstone walls of the Colo River canyon.
  • Time for connection and storytelling over the fire at night. 


Moron Falls, Kanangra Walls National Park


Tree Hugging Meditation

Tree Hugging Meditation

What to bring:

  • Tent or Tarp
  • Sleeping pad / mat
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Torch
  • Lunch on first day
  • Snacks (nuts, dried fruit, etc)
  • Cooking Supplies (cup, bowl and pot and cutlery) can cook on fire or we will have a few cooking stoves 
  • 2 – 1.5 liter water bottles (drinking water available at the river, water purifier provided)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Something warm for the evening
  • Swimmers, small towel (optional)
  • Medication, first aid supplies, sunscreen, insect repellant
  • Toiletries and Toilet paper 


  • Start: 8.00 am  Friday
    Group true nature meditation

    Group true nature meditation

  • Finish: 9.00 pm Monday


  • $595 – early bird price $495
    Connecting with your true nature

    Supportive Community










  • Post on the Essential Wholeness Facebook Event where you will be driving from, and we can organise passengers and drivers to share petrol costs.