Is an important part of your life stuck in rut or repetitive cycle?
Are you suffering from stress, anxiety or depression?
Have you been reading spiritual or self-help books, but wonder how to really put those inspiring ideas into practice?
Do you sense that psychological crises could actually be life trying to help you awaken to your essential or spiritual nature?
Have you ever wondered what life is about?
Have you ever felt scared of dying?
Or scared of really living to the fullest?


Essential Wholeness Psychology can help you:

  • resolve inner conflicts and find inner peace and joy
  • release judgements and live with more compassion for yourself and others
  • stop wasting your precious time and have clarity about what matters most in life
  • liberate yourself from confusion and doubt and trust in your intuitive wisdom
  • break out of repetitive patterns and live more in the creative flow
  • see through old fears and anxieties and feel free to follow your heart.
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Private Sessions

Need help with:

  • anxiety and phobias
  • depression and stress
  • habits and addictions
  • purpose and meaning
  • awakening and freedom
  • health and well-being
  • relationships and intimacy?

Essential Wholeness Psychology combines the best of outcome-based, evidence-based and solution-oriented therapies with time-tested experiential methods and spiritual practices. This unique integration facilitates healing at the levels of body, mind and spirit. allowing you to awaken to your deepest nature and realise your full human potential.   Medicare rebates apply to private sessions and many of the courses