family constellations healing relationships emotions past present future generations

Family Constellations

Healing Relationships

Healing Emotions

for past, present and future generations

A Community Healing Ritual

family constellations emotions

Do you wish to:

  • Liberate your relationships now and in the future from past pain, fear, anger and deceit?
  • Open yourself self to more honest, forgiving, joyful and loving relationships with friends, family and intimate partners?
  • Develop an intuitive awareness and understanding of the web of life that connects us all?
  • Align yourself with your soul’s intention?
  • Participate in a sense of sacred community through simple yet profound rituals?
  • Enhance your ability to stay nonreactive and engaged when others are acting out their emotional problems?
  • Gain profound insights into your family, culture and ancestry?
  • Accelerate the psychotherapy or counselling processes you are engaged in?
  • Pass onto your children a healthier emotional legacy than the one you inherited?
  • Experience the satisfaction of helping others to find a deeper sense of inner harmony and strength?
  • Deepen your trust in your intuition and inner wisdom?
family constellations primary secondary emotions

Until you have participated in a Family Constellation it’s hard to conceive of how interwoven our emotions and perceptual biases are with our families and significant others.

Most people are unaware of how this interconnectedness can either be of great support or keep us trapped in repetitive patterns of emotional suffering. Join together with a sense of sacred community to help yourself and other’s gain freedom from old relationship patterns, while finding the freedom to develop more fulfilling relationships.

Traditionally psychology recognises primary and secondary emotions.

  • Primary emotions being the emotions­­ (sadness, anger, fear) any mammal can have in response to the challenges of life.
  • Secondary emotional experiences such as anxiety, depression, resentment, PTSD, etc are maladaptive self-perpetuating states that are the focus of most psychotherapy.

Family Constellations reveal a third type of emotional experience, which is the carrying the disowned emotions of others.

These emotions are easily seen in families where if the parents are emotionally stressed and not managing themselves very well, that the children will begin acting out their denied emotions.  What constellations reveal is how this can become entrenched in family and carried for decades and even lifetimes from generation to generation.  Like with young children acting out their parents’ emotions it can leave people of all ages looking irrational or even crazy and can lead to all sorts of dysfunctional behaviour such as addiction, co-dependence, suicidal ideation, intractable depression, phobias, violence, etc.

Through Family Constellation processes this third type of emotions can be identified and released. Many of people’s compulsive and repetitive dysfunctional behaviours and reactivity will dissolve and fade from their lives.

family constellations roles observer representative client

There are three roles participants have the opportunity to play:


Everyone who comes will have the opportunity to observe the ritual and hold the space.  This is an important role that allows you to witness the intuitive healing processes and universal themes that will touch you deeply the way great film and theatre can. Just this witnessing can be personally healing and transformative.


Representatives are chosen by the client to represent themselves and the significant others that are involved in the issue the client wants help with.  Representatives are placed by the client in the room in relation to one another in a way that intuitively portrays the interpersonal dynamics between them.  What then happens next is hard to explain, but representatives begin experiencing the feelings of the person they are representing.  For example when playing one woman’s uncle I reported to the facilitator that I felt cold, emotionally numb and it was like my right leg wasn’t there.  When this was checked out with the client, she reported that he had been a soldier on the Eastern Front in WWII and had lost his leg.

Playing the role of representative opens up intuitive abilities, helps develop universal compassion and understanding for a wide spectrum of people and shows you how to let emotion move through you freely.


Choosing to work as a client involves having an issue that is of emotional importance to you that you want to resolve and find loving intelligent solutions for.  The client only describes the core concern, who the key people are, their desired outcome and the basic existential issues of the family like birth, death, illness, marriage, migration and other such events. Generally for most of the constellation the client observes the facilitator interviewing the representatives and guiding their movement through the ritual space as emotional and interpersonal shifts occur.  The shifts generally come about from people acknowledging and coming to accept the truth of what has happened, people taking responsibility for their actions and people finding their natural place in the family.