Date(s) - 13/02/2018 - 03/04/2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Essential Wholeness Psychology

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Meditation and the Psychology of Awakening

Meditation and Mindfulness practices can be used to help us cope with anxieties, moods and stress reactions. By doing so they help us to have a healthier and better functioning ego structure. However, these same practices used within the framework of a psychology of awakening can help us to wake up from the repetitive issues of our ego problems and coping mechanisms.

So if you are tired of merely coping with your usual problems and want to embrace every situation as an opportunity to realise your full potential and true nature then this 8 week course will set you on the path. Giving you the methods and attitudes needed to be your own best friend and spiritual guide.

In this course you will learn the power of:

  • Concentration and single-minded focus
  • Self-Compassion and loving-kindness
  • Motivation and how to cultivate it
  • Knowing the difference between pain and suffering
  • Finding the inner-spaciousness that allows you to respond wisely, rather that reacting unconsciously
  • Differentiating fact from fiction (truth from illusion)
  • Inner freedom that allows you to enjoy all aspects of life
  • Being an authority unto yourself and trust in your own common sense and good heart
  • Experiencing the inner peace that dissolves all internal conflict


Your teacher Eric Lyleson has over 30 years experience combining the best of modern psychology with the

Meditation and Mindfulness

Lama Tendar and Eric Lyleson

methods and teachings of the great mystical and metaphysical traditions. His teachers include:

  • Rick Hanson, PhD, Neuropsychologist and author of ‘The Buddha’s Brain’
    rick hanson phd neuropsychology and buddhism

    Rick Hanson, PhD

  • Dan Brown, PhD of Harvard Medical and Tibetan Buddhism scholar and practitioner 
  • Adyashanti, former Zen Buddhist and teacher of enlightenment
  • Lama Ole Nydahl, Tibetan Buddhist from Denmark who has brought these powerful Buddhist practices to the West by establishing more that 600 meditation centres worldwide.
  • Lama Tendar, Tibetan lama who survived torturous imprisonment by the Chinese and now shares his
    psychology of awakening

    Adyashanti and Eric

    profound knowledge of Vajrayana Buddhism with Australians
    Lama Ole Nydahl Diamond Way Buddhism

    Lama Ole Nydahl,

  • Gangaji and Eli Jaxon Bear, students of Papaji two of the world’s most fearless, joyous and enlightened proponents of Advaita Vedanta teachings
  • Marianne Williamson, teacher of A Course in Miracles, author of ‘A Return to Love’

8 Tuesday Evenings starting February 13, 7.00 – 8.30 pm cost


Gangaji and Eli

$320, Medicare rebate available


Eric Lyleson is a professional, enthusiastic and inspiring trainer and presenter. He is always thoroughly prepared and delivers a high standard of work. His passion for psychology and education underpins his workshops and presentations and creates a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. He also encourages active participation from his students when required and will help them extend themselves beyond what they thought was possible.” Nicola Ruscoe, psychologist