Date(s) - 12/07/2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Essential Wholeness Psychology

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Meditation & Mindfulness – level 2 is for anyone that has completed the Essence of Meditation and Mindfulness course. 

In this course we will go deeper into the practice of meditation and how to live a conscious life.  You will learn to get more out of shorter meditations and how to enjoy the benefits of longer periods in deep meditative states, inquiry and existential contemplations.

You will learn how to inquire into into the the core of what it is to be human and what transcends your biology.  Through contemplation you will tap into the inner wisdom that is waiting for you to and reveal the answers to your deepest questions. These answers will in turn propel your meditation & mindfulness practice into even deeper and more expansive awareness.

You will have the opportunity to realise the benefits of:

  • Knowing what matters most to you
  • Clarifying your intentions
  • An unwavering commitment to your freedom
  • Being an expert on yourself 
  • Taking responsibility for your life
  • Resting fully in your essential wholeness of being 
  • Releasing all self concepts 
  • Questioning everything that compromises your inner peace
  • Facing those parts of you and your life you have been fearing or avoiding
  • Deep relaxation of body and mind

As Adyashanti suggests the essence of meditation & mindfulness is to:

“Be still. Question every thought. Contemplate the source of Reality.”

In doing so you will come to recognise and accept who you really are when you are not busy thinking you are the person you have been conditioned to think you are.  Allowing your inner conflicts to rest so you can truly experience inner peace.

Eric Lyleson is a professional, enthusiastic and inspiring trainer and presenter. He is always thoroughly prepared and delivers a high standard of work. His passion for psychology and education underpins his workshops and presentations and creates a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. He also encourages active participation from his students when required and will help them extend themselves beyond what they thought was possible.” Nicola Ruscoe, psychologist


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